Friday, June 17, 2011

Description of Design

Upper two levels - house 1 (art collector):

-Entry to house 1 is on ground level straight off the street. Alternatively one can walk straight up the grassed ramp to the left and on to the roof, which features a garden and the entrance to the main gallery.
- As you enter house 1 on ground level, a corridor leads straight towards the rear of the house, with doors leading off of it on the left and right. To the left is the bedroom and storage, and to the right is the bathroom.
-The corridor opens up on to a large living and dining area with doors leading off to the office and laundry, as well as the kitchen. Another door leads to a smaller gallery. A large glass facade separates the living area from the shared garden balcony to the very rear, while a staircase on the right leads directly up to the main gallery above.

Lower two levels - house 2 (artist):

- Entry to house 2 is down the stairs from street level. Alternatively, it can be accessed via a ramp from the shared garden balcony at the rear of the house.
- The layout to house 2 is similar to house 1. From entry through the front door, a corridor leads directly towards the rear and opens up into the living and dining area. Two bedrooms, the laundry and the bathroom lead off from the corridor, while the kitchen is accessed from the living space.
- From the living area, glass doors lead on to an internal wading pool with stepping stones and then a small garden.
- Stairs on the left of the living area lead down into the workshop below.

See the pictures and drawings below for a visual representation of this description.

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