Friday, March 18, 2011

Finished Model

The major themes we ended up representing in our model were:

- The importance of the ramp as a mode of rapid and fluid transport between levels. Our section cut just to the side of the ramp highlights its importance by leaving it intact, and making it the prominent feature of the section.
- The use of the roof top garden to reclaim nature lost through the villa's construction. This was achieved through the use of the same plant material on the landscape and the roof.
- The aesthetic freedom allowed by the use of structural pilotis, in particular the inclusion of the long horizontal windows which would not have been achievable with typical load-bearing walls. We used a black material to highlight the windows as a major feature.
- The blurring of the boundaries between inside and out through the use of glass doors and facades - bringing the outside into the house, as well as allowing for a partial experience of the interior before actually entering (most applicable on the ground floor, where the glass facade enables one to begin their gradual exploration of the villa before they have even reached the front door). This was achieved in our model through the use of the same darker cardboard on some interior and exterior floor/ground surfaces, to emphasise the link between outside and in.

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