Monday, March 14, 2011

Initial Themes To Be Represented In Model/ Reflection On Progress

My group, consisting of myself, Nikon Sanchez, Ivan Hruszecky and Daniel Saran, have decided to model the Villa Savoye at 1:100 scale. We have chosen white cardboard as our primary material, as it is easy to work with and represents the Modernist style of the house. Other materials we will be using include a darker cardboard for some of the external areas, and perspex for the windows. As a few finishing touches, we may add some model cars, people, trees, etc to liven up the final product. Having said this, we have not decided whether these will be actual models or handmade representations, as we want to avoid using too much colour, especially in places that will distract from important aspects of the house.

Our progress so far has been decent, however we still have a long way to go. The size of 1:100 makes some aspects very fiddly, however we still believe our scale will give us a much cleaner, more compact model, with its smaller size better enabling us to represent its relationship to the surrounding landscape. We have overcome several problems, such as how to create the curved structures on the roof, and how to best represent the glass windows and walls, however we are yet to decide on the most effective way to construct the spiral staircase.

Our section cut has been placed longitudinally, and just to the side of the ramps (see the blue line in the diagrams above). In this way we have left the ramps completely in tact and as the prominent feature of our section, highlighting the importance of the theme of movement within the villa. Another theme we are trying to represent is the blurring of interiors and exteriors. We are doing this by linking some inside and outside spaces separated by glass walls through the use of the same darker floor material. Also, we will be using the same material used for our landscape on some of the areas of the roof top garden, highlighting the theme of the reclamation of nature.

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